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The hostel ‘s responsible choice

Ostellin made an ethic daily and management choice by deciding for eco-furniture, Banca Etica (=ethic bank), sheets-laundry-service by San Marcellino, and ecological housekeeping cleanser: it is the responsible management we choose to undertake and to carry on.

We in fact believe that – also for an accommodation facilities as an hostel is – it is today pivotal to be address to organic and to ethical management: a vocation that a lot of you already bring into their daily life, and that may also operate as an example for someone else.

Below is a brief description of our ethic choices

Eco-furniture – The design and construction of the furniture of the hostel have been studied by the Informal Group, a collective operating in Genoa, which pays particular attention to the issues of re-use, self-construction, participatory design solutions oriented to cost containment. The eco-furniture of the hostel have been studied individually and are unique works.

Banca Popolare Etica – Banca Popolare Etica is a financial institution specialized in ethical and alternative finance. It is ‘the first Italian bank for ethical savings; and it finances environmentally friendly activities, volunteering and associations in Italy, as well as development projects in the Third World. By statute and following careful assessments and verifications, those activities that are not considered ethical cannot be funded such as gambling, child exploitation, the production and marketing of weapons, …

The Ethic Choice

Sheets Laundry-Service by San MarcellinoThe Association San Marcellino welcomes and takes care of people in need within the Genoese territory. Its  aim is to promote “[…] the human dignity of people at an individual, social, and spiritual level […]”. It does this through welcoming them in daycare facilities and through several training and rehabilitation activities.

Environmentally friendly detergents for housekeeping works – Biolù Professional is a line of environmentally friendly cleaning products produced in Tuscany from Nivel Srl Lucca, a company that has been working in the field of innovative and ecological detergents and cosmetics for over 30 years. “The ecological detergents Biolù Professional are produced with 100% vegetable raw materials and from renewable sources. They contain natural ingredients and are scented with essential oils from organic farming.  They utilize raw materials which are quickly and easily biodegradable, fully reintegrated into the biological natural cycle, and without toxicity for users and for the environment. The effectiveness and dermo-compatibility is guaranteed by laboratory, non-animal, tests. The production process meet the requirements of sustainability and social equity. All products are comply with the AIAB specification”. In Genoa, they are resold by La Formica.

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